I am a novel writer and i have written 2 novels so far. i want somebody to re-write it. Maybe i need a editor.



My professor says that I am talented in my writing and that I should persue a career in writing. I write poems and short stories. What profession besides a bok/novel writer can I do? This is a personal assignment he has givin to me and i don’t know what to do!



i want to contact a novel writer and discuss buying rights to his book which i want to legitimately incorporate into a screenplay



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I am confused! I would like to take either:

1. Philosophy
2. English literature
3. Social sciences
4. Political science

or any major which requires questioning, analyzing, debating, and ultimately–a love of writing.

However, I am not much of a “storyteller” or a novel writer, more a writer in the category of articles and theories as well as theses; writings which require deep thinking and research.

Any additional input of any other major(s) will be appreciated. Thank you very much.



what degree would be good for becoming a novel writer? what classes help? any specific books?