Perks of hiring Curtis Scarlett in your company

If you are looking for a person to look after the Customer Management department of your company, let me introduce you to one of the prospective persons, Curtis Scarlett.

Scarlett has completed his graduations from Bournemouth University in Computing and is highly interested in certain fields like Network diagnosis, dynamic Website creations, Apps development and others. A hard-working person with high aspirations, he has developed his specializations in Web Development and SEO. He has done around five projects on Android Apps and his own Website development.

He has many special skills, notable among them being Website development, Penetration testing, App development, Customer and Client support, Sales operations and SEO. Over the years of experience and learning, he has mastered a number of specializations and with the help of his high enthusiasm and eagerness to learn, he can easily be one of the vital key people of the organization. He has proved this from his varied work experiences which started when he was a college student.

An insight into the career of Curtis Scarlett

Curtis Scarlett has worked as a marketing intern in his early years of professional career which helped him to get a thorough learning and experience of SEO, link building and social media handling. He then joined DotCom Consultancy where he was responsible for managing the entire customer support.

Scarlett then decided to go for big firms and joined Bazaarvoice where he supported clients from biggest companies like Microsoft, Walmart etc. He was a Subject Matter Expert for SEO. Soon after this, he got a bigger break at Hyperoptic as the Client Services Specialist. He was a part of the sales operations team to ensure smooth and effective delivery to the customers.

Perks of hiring Curtis Scarlett in your company


At present, he is working at Adthena to solve customer queries with his technical knowledge and also contributes to the overall platform development.

Curtis Scarlett is the man with varied experiences and he will be the right person to choose if your company has the particular needs.

Khalil Mercer